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At JNT Developers, we are big fans of Texas, and roofing Dallas homes are our specialty, but when we see good ideas we don’t care where the come from. After all,  a good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from. So when we saw these ideas on outdoor living decor from California we knew that we needed to bring them here.

https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/10-outdoor-living-ideas-to-steal-from-california-51016Outdoor Kitchen – California Decor Ideas for Outdoor Living – Bob Vila California is well loved for its sunny skies and mild year-round weather. It’s the type of place where outdoor living is a given. California homes reflect that way of life, with outdoor spaces that seamlessly blur the line between the indoors and the backyard. But you don’t have to live in California to value an outdoors attitude. Check out our favorite ideas for outdoor living inspired by the Golden State.

No matter where you live, entertaining family and friends outdoors is more convenient and more pleasurable when you can cook right where your guests are gathered. This outdoor kitchen is fully equipped and sheltered in a pavilion. No doubt just like at a party indoors, everyone always ends up in the kitchen!

With an intelligently designed outdoor living space, you can extend the square footage of your house and gain an entire room to use when the weather is warm. In this outdoor living room, a pergola provides shade on sunny days, and a fireplace keeps it cozy on chilly evenings.

Whether it’s watching the big game, or going Hollywood with a movie screening on a warm night, integrating technology like TVs and sound systems into your outdoor space lets you take your summer entertaining to the next level. Plus, with an outdoor media center, you can enjoy the fresh air without missing the newest episode of your favorite show.

Extended hardscapes give you solid ground to stand on, even in the backyard. A big stretch of floor outdoors makes it easy to transition your activities from indoors to out. Even better, it reduces the amount of grass and landscaping you need to maintain—which frees up the time and money you’d otherwise spend caring for an expansive lawn.

Most people want to spend more time outdoors—but not if that means taking care of the yard. Drought-tolerant plants, shrubs, and trees require less maintenance but still offer a beautiful landscape to enjoy—ideally from afar, relaxing in a lounge chair. See more…

We love these ideas, but just to be clear Texas is still better that California!

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