Is Your Roof Ready For Spring?

 cleaning gutters in spring

One of the most important maintenance operations that you should perform in spring is gutter cleaning. There is no telling what the gutter had to endure during the environmental setbacks of the winter, not to mention that spring comes with its own negatives.

Gutters are a sensitive area of the roof that must be inspected carefully. There is no way you can spot the problems by looking from the ground, so you should use a ladder and climb closer.

Look for debris accumulation (leaves, twigs, dirt) that may cause water clogs, as well as for signs of damage (holes and cracks).

Once spotted, these problems must be dealt with as soon as possible, in order to prevent water leaking too close to your home and causing infiltrations that may endanger the structural integrity of the building.  One of the best places to start is calling a professional roofing company like https://www.jntdevelopers.com/ to do the repairs.

Cleaning the gutters is not so complicated. You need a small plastic scoop and some rubber gloves to remove debris. Once you have finished, use a garden hose and flush the gutters, just to be sure that there is no other blockage or unspotted cracks.

If you want better protection for your gutters, secure them with gutter guards. These filters ensure that your gutters will stay debris-free for a longer time.

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