How To Choose The Best Roofer For Your Business

Ask Lots Of Questions When Choosing The Right Roofer

When you interview roofers in order to determine which one is the best pick for your project, you must know the right questions to answer in order to find the information you need.

Do not start any kind of discussion before the roofing company is willing to provide you proof of license and certification. Insurance is also essential, so make sure that you ask about workman`s comp and general liability.  Every great Dallas roofing company should be local and have these credentials.

Roofing projects are diverse – from new roof installations to repairs and maintenance operations. There is also a wide range of options when it comes to roof types and materials, so make sure that the roofing company has enough experience with the kind of roofing project that you need. Ask for a portfolio, as well as for some reference from previous clients.

Another important aspect is to have a contact person – someone with whom you can communicate during the project. Ask who this person is and if he/ she will be on site or off site.

You should also be concerned about protecting your yard during the project, so make sure that the roofing company is responsible and ready to protect your landscape.

Not least, get information about warranties and ask for a written estimate.


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