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Which Are The Most Durable Roofing Products?

A solid roofing installation certainly requires durable roofing products, says the experienced roofing professionals busy roofing Dallas TX homes. You should expect to pay more for them than for regular products, but remember that paying to have a good roof above your head is an investment in quality and peace of mind for a very long time – even for a lifetime!

Here is a quick look at the most durable roofing materials that currently exist on the market.


The main options are aluminum, steel, zinc, tin and copper. Metal roofs are resilient, waterproof and fireproof, they last for 50-70 years, withstand very bad weather and require very little maintenance. Metal is also a reflective materials, which translates into better energy-efficiency for your home.


Clay is considered the most durable roofing material – it can last for over 100 years, in various weather conditions.  It is a heavy materials thus it has some structural requirements. Clay also comes in different shapes and colors, having a positive aesthetic impact.


Slate roofs are not just naturally beautiful, but also very resistant. In many cases, a slate roof can outlast the buildings it is installed on, at least if it is properly installed and maintained. Slate is also a fireproof and eco-friendly material.

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