Diy Roof Repair Tips For Your Home: Identifying And Replacing Broken Shingles

Major repair or roof replacements are operations that must be done by a trusting Dallas roofer experienced in roof repair. However, if you are a skilled DIYer, you can handle some simple roofing operations yourself. Identifying and replacing broken shingles is one of them.

Cracked, curled or missing shingles constitute one of the most common roof problems, which happens due to wear and tear, exposure to elements and bad weather conditions. The good news is that reparation is not so complicated, although the method and the tools will depend on the type of

roofing material in use. For example, if you have slate tiles on your roof, you should use a slate ripper to remove broken tiles, instead of a hacksaw blade.  If you must cut a tile or a shingle, use a saw for wooden shingles, utility knife for asphalt shingles, or an angle grinder for concrete and clay.

Some tiles are nailed in place and you will have to remove those nails, in order to be allowed to lift the old tile and position a new one into place. You may have to use a hacksaw to cut through the shingle`s nails, or a pry bar to lever them up and also hiding them back, once you placed the new shingle.

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