Tips For Protecting Your Flat Roof

Flat Roof In The City

Flat roof are installed horizontally over the buildings, having a very subtle inclination, insensible for the eyes, in most cases. A flat roof can be a very good choice because it is cheaper than a sloped roof and installation is faster and easier. Another significant benefit is the efficient use of the space; a flat roof allows you to set up a terrace, install solar panels, store external units of air conditioners etc. In addition, the entire under-roof area can be used, as opposed to the other roofs, whose angular slopes make it difficult to use the attic, which is rather challenging to be furnished and arranged for living.

However, flat roofs require special maintenance by Dallas commercial roofers. If you want to protect such a roof as best as you can, you must be sure that the installation and sealing is done properly. Ponding water on a flat roof surface accelerates its deterioration and infiltrates the structure of the building. As such, a flat roof must be inspected and cleaned often. The drainage system must also be kept permanently debris-free and fully functional.

In addition, considering that flat roofs do not reflect the heat very well, you may need to consider additional solutions to remedy this problem.

Popular Roof Colors for Dallas

Earthtone Shingles

The color of the roof affects the overall aspect of a house, there is no question about it. However, it also has a certain influence on the thermal comfort, considering that darker colors absorb the solar heat, while lighter colors are reflective.

The climate in Dallas is temperate, which means that choosing a certain color will only have a small impact on the overall energy-efficiency, therefore we cannot say that one color is more popular than others. People in Dallas typically choose the color for their roofs according to other criteria, such as the color of the facade, the building`s architecture, the windows and doors types and even the neighborhood, and the advice of a local Dallas roofer.

At a chromatic level, between the facade of the house and the roof, there may be a harmonious contrast or, on the contrary, a perfect fit. In the case of classical buildings, neutral tones, non-strident, are preferred for both the exterior walls and the roof. On the other hand, if we were talking about modern homes, they are typically defined by contrasts.

The range of roof colors available on the market is extremely varied and, to make your choice as simple as possible, the manufacturers offer virtual simulation tests, to help you match colors and get the desired effect.


Benefits To Recycling Shingles

Reuse and Recycle To Reduce Waste

Roof shingles, as well as the other materials that fall in the “construction waste” category, are most often inert and non-degradable, heavy, bulky and represent a burden for landfills.

Recycling and reusing the materials recovered from demolition of old buildings brings many benefits: less waste, less construction costs and reduced use of primary resources (more than 50% of all earth-extracted materials are currently being converted into building materials, including into shingles). Changing the way we think about these materials can create a more sustainable future, and it is a stance Dallas roofing businesses have stood on.

Ignoring shingles and other materials that can be recovered from construction projects is a waste of usable resources. Depending on the material they are made from, recycled shingles can gain many new uses.

Developing g the recycling path for construction and demolition waste is an extremely important environmental issue. The reuse of construction waste not only reduces the space necessary for authorized landfills and allows for the saving of natural resources; from an economic point of view, the use of recycled construction materials instead of natural resources (which reach extremely high costs), becomes an increasingly advantageous solution. Construction and demolition waste management must be carried out safely and recycling must occupy a prime place in the hierarchy of processes, prior to storage in landfills.





How To Choose The Best Roofer For Your Business

Ask Lots Of Questions When Choosing The Right Roofer

When you interview roofers in order to determine which one is the best pick for your project, you must know the right questions to answer in order to find the information you need.

Do not start any kind of discussion before the roofing company is willing to provide you proof of license and certification. Insurance is also essential, so make sure that you ask about workman`s comp and general liability.  Every great Dallas roofing company should be local and have these credentials.

Roofing projects are diverse – from new roof installations to repairs and maintenance operations. There is also a wide range of options when it comes to roof types and materials, so make sure that the roofing company has enough experience with the kind of roofing project that you need. Ask for a portfolio, as well as for some reference from previous clients.

Another important aspect is to have a contact person – someone with whom you can communicate during the project. Ask who this person is and if he/ she will be on site or off site.

You should also be concerned about protecting your yard during the project, so make sure that the roofing company is responsible and ready to protect your landscape.

Not least, get information about warranties and ask for a written estimate.