Is Your Roof Ready For Spring?

 cleaning gutters in spring

One of the most important maintenance operations that you should perform in spring is gutter cleaning. There is no telling what the gutter had to endure during the environmental setbacks of the winter, not to mention that spring comes with its own negatives.

Gutters are a sensitive area of the roof that must be inspected carefully. There is no way you can spot the problems by looking from the ground, so you should use a ladder and climb closer.

Look for debris accumulation (leaves, twigs, dirt) that may cause water clogs, as well as for signs of damage (holes and cracks).

Once spotted, these problems must be dealt with as soon as possible, in order to prevent water leaking too close to your home and causing infiltrations that may endanger the structural integrity of the building.  One of the best places to start is calling a professional roofing company like to do the repairs.

Cleaning the gutters is not so complicated. You need a small plastic scoop and some rubber gloves to remove debris. Once you have finished, use a garden hose and flush the gutters, just to be sure that there is no other blockage or unspotted cracks.

If you want better protection for your gutters, secure them with gutter guards. These filters ensure that your gutters will stay debris-free for a longer time.

What Are the Benefits of Tile Roofs?

Tile roofs are among the most popular roofing systems used today – here are the most important reasons why tiles are the preferred choice of many homeowners and roofers:

Tile Roofing Specialists

  • Attractive looks – tile roofing can add class and style to your home and curb appeal is known to increase the value of property,
  • Durability – most roof tiles are warranted for over 50 years, but they last much longer than that, with proper maintenance, tile roofs can stay strong and healthy for an impressive 100 years, that is with the proper installation from one a Dallas roofing company who specializes in tile roofs.
  • Safety – roof tiles are resistant to rotting, water damage, fires and insect attacks,
  • Superior thermal protection – roof tiles have superior insulation properties. Tile roofs keep the heat outside in summer and they prevent heat loss in winter, so they efficiently reduce heating and cooling bills, while making your home more comfortable,
  • Low maintenance – some types of tiles, such as clay or slate can be damaged by heavy direct impact, but other than that, tile roofs are very strong and they don’t require any special maintenance, except regular inspections and occasional cleaning,
  • Variety – roofing tiles are made from a variety of materials, including clay, metal, polymer, composite and slate, allowing homeowners to choose the type that best suit their requirements.

Great Ideas for Getting Your House Ready for Winter

Winter is a difficult period of the year and not only for humans, plants and animals – buildings, including your home, also need to be prepared for the cold season. Here is how:

  • Check the heating system – unless you live in a region that gets mild weather in winter, you will probably have the heating turned up for months, so it is recommended to get all the components of the heating system checked by a professional before the cold weather settles in. Doing the verification in time will leave sufficient time for repairs and maintenance as well, so make sure you act responsibly.
  • Drain the water from the fixtures you don’t use – the water that accumulates in outdoor faucets, sprinklers and hoses can freeze quickly and can cause serious damage that you will not notice until spring, so make sure you drain and dry all the fixtures that are out of use in winter.
  • Clean the roof and the gutters – gutters that have been properly cleaned can survive harsh winters more easily and the same goes for clean roofs as well. Have one of the roofers experienced in roofing Dallas TX homes come out and clean them for you, if you don’t like working up there – cleaning services of this type are quite affordable and very valuable.


Diy Roof Repair Tips For Your Home: Identifying And Replacing Broken Shingles

Major repair or roof replacements are operations that must be done by a trusting Dallas roofer experienced in roof repair. However, if you are a skilled DIYer, you can handle some simple roofing operations yourself. Identifying and replacing broken shingles is one of them.

Cracked, curled or missing shingles constitute one of the most common roof problems, which happens due to wear and tear, exposure to elements and bad weather conditions. The good news is that reparation is not so complicated, although the method and the tools will depend on the type of

roofing material in use. For example, if you have slate tiles on your roof, you should use a slate ripper to remove broken tiles, instead of a hacksaw blade.  If you must cut a tile or a shingle, use a saw for wooden shingles, utility knife for asphalt shingles, or an angle grinder for concrete and clay.

Some tiles are nailed in place and you will have to remove those nails, in order to be allowed to lift the old tile and position a new one into place. You may have to use a hacksaw to cut through the shingle`s nails, or a pry bar to lever them up and also hiding them back, once you placed the new shingle.