How to Buy Replacement Windows

New Mansard Window Installation

Replacing old windows is a great way to refresh the appearance of your home and to eliminate draftiness inside the home. The replacement will require you to make several decisions related to the material and the type of your new windows – here are some of the most important aspects:

  • The frame material – wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass are the most common materials used for making window frames. Wood is the most attractive, the most expensive and the most sensitive frame material, aluminum is cheap and durable, but it does not have very good insulation properties, while vinyl and fiberglass frames are resistant and affordable.
  • The glass – double-glaze and triple-glaze panes are the standard nowadays. Double-glaze windows are cheaper and suitable for most climate zones, but if you need your windows to provide exceptional thermal insulation, triple-glazing is the best choice. Windows are different in terms of the filling used between the panes – the windows that use air to fill the space between the panes are cheaper, while the units that use conductive gas, such as argon or krypton between the panes are more expensive, but provide better insulation.

If you want to make sure that your new windows will, indeed, look and perform the way you expect them to, you can turn to a Dallas roofing contractor who specializes in home exteriors – your expert will make accurate measurements and will help you make the best decisions, too.

How To Hire A Dependable Contractor

A dependable contractor provides different home improvement services, from designing/ building to various repairs. Therefore, if you are looking to update your electric system, redesign your bathroom or change your kitchen cabinets, a dependable contractor has the necessary skills and experience to do what needs to be done, in an efficient way.

The most important task is to choose a reliable contractor – and this can be challenging and time-consuming, but it will make the difference between the success of your home renovating project and a disaster.

People with experience in home renovation may attempt to be their own general contractors, to save money, but homeowners with no experience should definitely hire a specialist for such a complex and time-consuming job.  Especially when it comes to roofing Dallas homes professional contractors should be hired.

Here are tips on how to hire a dependable contractor:

  • Get references from multiple sources and make a list with a few contractors
  • Interview all these contractors and find out anything you need to know about them: credentials, insurance, professional experience in similar projects, talk to previous clients, read online reviews and ask for free estimates etc.
  • Discuss every detail of the contract before signing it and be prepared to negotiate
  • Make sure that the contractor gets the proper permits – otherwise, the local codes will be violated and you will pay the price.

JNT Developers Can Help You Transform Your Home

At JNT Developers we can handle all of your Dallas roofing needs and we can also do a complete home remodel for you too. Big changes or small, we are ready to help you transform your home like these transformations:

Coverted Homes – 6 Houses That Used to Be Something Else – Bob Vila Why demolish an aging edifice when you can transform it into a dreamy dwelling designed for modern living? That adaptive spirit spurred the crafty conversion of this collection of homes whose former lives may surprise you. Take a look at the lavish and livable rooms situated inside these unusual structures, and see if you can figure out their unconventional exteriors.
This dreamy bedroom, together with the property’s kitchen, living room, and bathroom, packs its compact quarters with creature comforts you might expect to find at a cozy bed-and-breakfast. Double beds, spare but striking artwork, and convenient contemporary lighting lend flair to sleeping and living spaces. Natural materials, from the wooden paneling and ceiling beams to the neutral-toned bed linens, pay homage to the simple charms of agrarian life in the Europe of yesteryear.
Surprising though it seems, that rustic interior belongs not to a boutique European hotel, but rather, an old windmill. Built in 1874, the converted windmill continues to grace the Dutch countryside with its dramatic silhouette. Topped with a charming mansard roof and four graceful sails, the artfully adapted abode stands only a few miles from bustling Amsterdam, yet it transports travelers to a quieter time and place.
This little lodging is a mere stone’s throw from the beautiful beaches of Cardigan Bay, where Europe’s largest colony of dolphins makes its home. Inside, the oak-lined residence is as appealing as any other beachside cottage. With panel radiators and a living area equipped with a wood-burning stove, the interior stays warm and inviting all year round, no matter what it’s like outside.
If the interior of this property recalls a bygone era, that’s because it’s situated inside an ordinary railway carriage from a more genteel age. Voted among the top five “Best Spots to Enjoy the British Seaside” by “Condé Nast Traveler,” the little beach “house” offers plenty of windows, relics of its life on the tracks, from which to view the pristine western coast of Wales.
Comprising a basement, ground floor, three traditional floors, and a unique “in-between,” or half, floor, this towering seven-room property makes the most of its impressive vertical space. From the atmospheric fireplace and kitchen-diner on the ground floor, to the walk-in shower on the second floor, every room in the sky-high sanctuary is arranged with an eye toward maximizing space and utility.
That inviting interior sits inside the imposing exterior of this salvaged water tower. If you’re looking for proof of the property’s former life, you need only head to the third floor to check out the water tank originally used to catch rainwater runoff. Even so, not every feature of the lanky lodge dates back to the olden days. A fenced garden with a furnished terrace now stands on the grounds to give visitors a place to catch some rays and admire this architectural rarity.
The lofty ceiling and windows with pointed arches inside this ethereal interior exemplify the exquisite craftsmanship of the Carpenter Gothic style. An open floor plan encourages creative decorating and accommodates a main living area with two bedrooms and one bath as well as a cozy mother-in-law studio complete with one bedroom and one more at



Spruce Up Your Backyard For the Summer!

At JNT Developers, we are big fans of Texas, and roofing Dallas homes are our specialty, but when we see good ideas we don’t care where the come from. After all,  a good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from. So when we saw these ideas on outdoor living decor from California we knew that we needed to bring them here. Kitchen – California Decor Ideas for Outdoor Living – Bob Vila California is well loved for its sunny skies and mild year-round weather. It’s the type of place where outdoor living is a given. California homes reflect that way of life, with outdoor spaces that seamlessly blur the line between the indoors and the backyard. But you don’t have to live in California to value an outdoors attitude. Check out our favorite ideas for outdoor living inspired by the Golden State.

No matter where you live, entertaining family and friends outdoors is more convenient and more pleasurable when you can cook right where your guests are gathered. This outdoor kitchen is fully equipped and sheltered in a pavilion. No doubt just like at a party indoors, everyone always ends up in the kitchen!

With an intelligently designed outdoor living space, you can extend the square footage of your house and gain an entire room to use when the weather is warm. In this outdoor living room, a pergola provides shade on sunny days, and a fireplace keeps it cozy on chilly evenings.

Whether it’s watching the big game, or going Hollywood with a movie screening on a warm night, integrating technology like TVs and sound systems into your outdoor space lets you take your summer entertaining to the next level. Plus, with an outdoor media center, you can enjoy the fresh air without missing the newest episode of your favorite show.

Extended hardscapes give you solid ground to stand on, even in the backyard. A big stretch of floor outdoors makes it easy to transition your activities from indoors to out. Even better, it reduces the amount of grass and landscaping you need to maintain—which frees up the time and money you’d otherwise spend caring for an expansive lawn.

Most people want to spend more time outdoors—but not if that means taking care of the yard. Drought-tolerant plants, shrubs, and trees require less maintenance but still offer a beautiful landscape to enjoy—ideally from afar, relaxing in a lounge chair. See more…

We love these ideas, but just to be clear Texas is still better that California!