Checklist For Starting Your Tenant Build Out

Tenant Buildout Checklist

Since finding a commercial space that meets your needs exactly is almost impossible, tenant improvements are in order, before starting to use it. These improvements consist in various custom interior finishes that must be negotiated up front with the landlord and written in the lease agreement. They may include:

  • Installing new flooring (hardwood floor, laminate, carpet…)
  • Demolishing existing walls or constructing new ones
  • Re-painting the walls
  • Making modifications to the electrical, HVAC or plumbing systems
  • Other upgrades previously negotiated.

If you are in the position to start your tenant build out, make sure to communicate properly with the landlord and find out how much of the costs are they willing to cover. Also, it is good to know that some operations are not typically included in a tenant build out: office furniture, data cabling, phone cabling and other upgrades considered above standard.

You must also be aware that for starting your tenant build out, you need a lot of documents from property management, as well as from engineering: appropriate certificates, licenses, insurance, declarations, construction plans reviewed and approved, a proven Dallas general contractor and sub-contractors, permits, confirmations, other plans if necessary (such as fire safety plans), as well as a detailed schedule.


Commercial Building Upgrades to Tackle In 2019

Commercial Building Upgrades

If you are looking for efficient ways to improve the appearance and the energy-efficiency of the commercial building you manage or own, here are some upgrades for 2019:

  • Roofing improvements – the integrity of your roof is essential for the safety and the energy-efficiency of your building. Whether you have a sloping roof or a flat system, it is a good idea to hire a professional roofer to perform a detailed inspection of your roof and to make recommendations regarding the necessary or optional upgrades. Roof coatings, for example, are easy to apply solutions that can make a huge difference in your energy bills;
  • Solar panels – these great modern solutions will not only help you cut your costs, but will also reduce the carbon footprint of your operations;
  • Fenestration upgrades – replacing your existing windows with modern, energy-efficient solutions is also an investment that soon returns in the form of lower energy bills;
  • Interior improvements – repainting your building interiors to colors that enhance productivity is a great way to create a welcoming and motivating space for your teams, again, it’s good to hire a professional commercial general contractor for best results;
  • Fixture upgrades – new lighting solutions that replace central lights with layered light are also known to be low-cost ways to improve motivation as well as visual appeal inside your building.

Construction Projects That Will Improve Your Business

Improving Your Building For Maximum Efficiency

There are many ways to improve your business – you can step up your marketing efforts, you can renew your inventory or expand the range of the service that you provide, or, if your business is based on a brick-and-mortar retail unit, you can improve its appearance with some remodeling or you can add warehouse space to be able to diversify your product range.

When it comes to business construction, your improvement can be either large or complex, the choice depends entirely on your intentions and on the budget that you can allocate. Small improvements, such as breaking down a few walls to create a larger, more welcoming customer space or an open office that can improve the productivity of your teams are not very expensive, but they make a huge difference. If your space is outdated and requires more substantial reconstruction and you are willing to invest more, you can have your entire building refreshed, with new fixtures, modernized stairs and new furniture. Building a new warehouse or extending your existing warehouse space is also a great idea, especially if you anticipate rapid growth and increased interest towards your products – you can choose to get a steel building and enjoy all the benefits of the advanced building solution, including quick assembly, high durability and affordability. Be sure to hire the contractors that make roofing Dallas TX businesses look easy.

How to Keep Your Business Alive During Commercial Construction

General Contractors Working With Business Owners

Commercial construction projects can be lengthy and they can cause lots of disruption in the way the business is run, but life cannot stop for the company during the construction. Although a good Dallas general contractor performing the job does what they can to not interrupt the business process around them.  Here are a few tips about how to keep your business alive during the construction:

  • Inform your clients about what the company is going through – try to anticipate the kind of disruption that the construction process is likely to cause and inform your key clients about upcoming issues, such as delivery delays – most clients appreciate this kind of honesty and stay faithful;
  • Know what is going on at all time – you need to know exactly how the construction project is evolving. Do whatever you can to avoid delays and to make sure all the deadlines can be met;
  • Have some funds for unexpected expenses – to make sure the process goes on schedule, your construction budget needs to include some funds for unexpected situations as well;
  • Involve you team leaders in the daily organization – you can transform the difficulties caused by the construction into opportunities to build team cohesion. Involve your teams into the day to day adjustments required by the construction and emphasize the importance of cooperation.