Benefits To Recycling Shingles

Reuse and Recycle To Reduce Waste

Roof shingles, as well as the other materials that fall in the “construction waste” category, are most often inert and non-degradable, heavy, bulky and represent a burden for landfills.

Recycling and reusing the materials recovered from demolition of old buildings brings many benefits: less waste, less construction costs and reduced use of primary resources (more than 50% of all earth-extracted materials are currently being converted into building materials, including into shingles). Changing the way we think about these materials can create a more sustainable future, and it is a stance Dallas roofing businesses have stood on.

Ignoring shingles and other materials that can be recovered from construction projects is a waste of usable resources. Depending on the material they are made from, recycled shingles can gain many new uses.

Developing g the recycling path for construction and demolition waste is an extremely important environmental issue. The reuse of construction waste not only reduces the space necessary for authorized landfills and allows for the saving of natural resources; from an economic point of view, the use of recycled construction materials instead of natural resources (which reach extremely high costs), becomes an increasingly advantageous solution. Construction and demolition waste management must be carried out safely and recycling must occupy a prime place in the hierarchy of processes, prior to storage in landfills.





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