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Meet the Professionals in North Texas Roofing and General Contracting

JNT Developers was established in 2008 with an intense passion and desire to provide honesty and professionalism for Dallas-Fort Worth. By focusing on quality, efficiency, and reliability, we’ve built a healthy reputation for producing unmatched workmanship with a hassle-free experience.

  • STARTED FROM NECESSITY. We started our company because of our inability to find contractors in the DFW area to give us the level of service we felt we deserved, for a price we felt was reasonable. After searching and failing we decided to use our experience, love for construction, and desire to create a new kind of construction experience.
  • SERVICE: PROVIDING SERVICE BEYOND EXPECTATIONS: Our goal is to set expectations then exceed them. We can only do that if we strive to constantly strive to raise the bar.
  • SATISFACTION: TAKING THE LONG TERM VIEW. When it comes to our clients we take the long view and never sacrifice our integrity for short term payoff. We understand that our company was built on making sure all of our clients turn to JNT to for all of their construction needs.
  • STRATEGY: PLAN THE WORK, WORK THE PLAN. Before we begin any project we sit down to ensure we are taking the best approach to the project. If we take a strategic approach in order to overcome any issues or objections, we can maximise or ability to provide industry leading Service and Satisfaction.

When you choose JNT Developers, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive the absolute best service from everyone involved with your construction project. Now, Meet Our Team

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Company Bios

Jorge Abreu Photo

Jorge Abreu – Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in Miami, FL from Cuban ascendants, Jorge began learning his trade at an early age. He spent his summers working alongside his father and uncles who owned and operated multiple construction companies. These summers taught him a passion for construction and gave him the work ethic needed to be successful. He continued working for his father and uncles while he earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University. Establishing JNT Developers gave Jorge the chance to return to his passion for construction, and he is constantly seeking ways to improve the industry. That is why he directs the company and assures we are always on the right path.
Tasha Abreu Photo

Tasha Abreu – Chief Financial Officer

While pursuing her BS in Criminal Justice at Florida International University, Tasha worked in the real estate title business. After graduation she stayed in the business, gaining intimate knowledge of the financial and business sides of both the real estate and construction industries. From this experience she saw a need for a dependable contractor that real estate investors could turn to for their investment properties. Thus, the idea to start JNT Developers was born. Today, Tasha’s main goal is ensuring the company’s financials are in order and everything is running smoothly..
Eric Bodiwala Photo

Eric Bodiwala – Chief Sales Officer

Eric is an entrepreneur who has been in the real estate and construction business for more than six years. He graduated college with a double major in marketing and international business, then began his real estate and construction career in Miami, FL. His hard work and dedication to client satisfaction help Eric and his partners build successful real estate investment and construction business in two completely different markets – Miami and Dallas. Today, Eric is responsible for bringing new sales opportunities to the company and establishing client relationships. He is active in all aspects of JNT Developers’ sales approach and sales training, which have been instrumental to our rapid growth and reputation.
Jonathan Sherwood Photo

Jonathan Sherwood – President of Roofing

Jonathan Sherwood provides full-service catastrophe damage repair or replacement services for commercial property owners. JNT Developers services are all-inclusive, from inspection, assessment, and handling; to performing complete quality repairs or replacement to restore and improve commercial facilities. The bottom line result to our clients is absolutely maintaining, if not increasing their property value. We work with all insurance carriers and have a network of professionals to provide scientific forensic evidence and formal reporting when necessary, to validate and support our repair scope assessments for the most beneficial claim approval results. We pursue a valid maximum claim settlement to ensure our property owners an adequate budget to repair facilities professionally, with equal or better materials and installation to code. This i
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David Hopkins Photo

David Hopkins – Director of Remodeling Sales

David joined JNT Developers by way of Indianapolis, IN, bringing with him years of experience in both general contracting and storm restoration construction & roofing. At heart, he is a student of design, a musician, and a father of two. As Director of Remodeling Sales, he leads our estimating team and the bidding process, bringing his years of knowledge to every project.
Bryan Hernandez Photo

Bryan Hernandez – Director of Construction

Bryan was born and raised in Miami, FL. He graduated from Florida International University with a double major in Marketing and International Business. He began his career in real estate and construction by way of buying and selling homes. He moved to Dallas in 2008 and quickly engaged the real estate market, while also getting involved with property management & operations for apartment communities. Bryan is currently our longest-tenured property manager and has been with JNT Developers since 2011. In his role as Director of Construction, he leads our project managers and site supervisors to ensure every project is running smoothly and all JNT standards are met.
Angela Roegner Photo

Angela Roegner – Business Development

Angela Roegner is a proud mother of three beautiful children, she works equally hard to be an active and engaging mother as she does in her career. Her role as our Business Development Specialist is to develop, build, and maintain positive relationships with prospective clients, while maintaining current and past clients. She builds market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships. Angela came from Denver where she spent the last seven years in a marketing and business development role. Her passion for helping others and developing strong relationships makes her an integral part of our organization.
Brandi Williams Photo

Brandi Williams- Roofing and Marketing Operations

Brandi is the Roofing Operations Assistant and the Marketing Director for JNT Developers. She was born and raised in Arlington, TX. She joined the JNT Team in 2015. She is a key member of the office team responsible for all roofing and marketing needs for the company. Brandi brings more than 8 years of administrative experience to her role at JNT Developers. Her ability to work in a fast paced environment has played an importance at JNT.
Charlie Gray Photo

Charlie Gray – Roofing Project Manager

Charlie has successfully negotiated and won over $2M worth of insurance claims for his clients. Charlie is extremely friendly, easy to work with, and has an incredible talent for making customers feel more comfortable with their claim. Charlie's experience with insurance companies has made him a respected authority with his customers when they are navigating the process of storm restoration. Project Management is where Charlie excels from the rest. He has managed over $4M in Commercial and Residential Projects in his 2 Years with JNT Developers. No matter how large or small the project, you will want Charlie to manage your job. Call him today to discuss your project!
Jamie Lliorca Photo

Jamie Lliorca – Construction Project Manager

Presently works with Lowes interior sales specialists at multiple locations within the DFW area. Key functions are, but not limited to writing in-home estimates, project planning, design, scheduling and coordination for kitchen, bathroom & full home remodel projects. While also learning efficacious skills of residential property acquisition and wholesaling.
Josh Sanchez Photo

Josh Sanchez – Roofing Project Manager

Josh Sanchez was born in Dallas and graduated from Rowlett High School in 2008. He grew up loving the outdoors and working at his Father’s plating business located in Garland Texas that has been in his family for multiple generations. He attended the University of North Texas and is a proud Mean Green! After college Josh worked multiple management and sales positions. His passion for helping clients made it an easy transition when he joined the JNT Developers Team. Since working with JNT Developers, Josh quickly became a HAAG Certified Roof Inspector. He has helped hundreds of clients get adequately reimbursed by their insurance companies so they can at the very least keep their home value. His ability to speak Spanish helps out tremendously when assisting Non-English speaking customers! His energy is contagious and makes him very easy and fun to work with. Josh is proud to be part of the JNT Developers team and is excited to grow with this incredible company.
Sebastian Montanez Photo

Sebastian Montanez – Production Manager

Originally from New York, where he obtained his certificate as a filing representative, Sebastian Montanez has worked alongside with Architects and Developers on over 200+ projects. Whether the job is big or small, Sebastian understands that transparency, communication, knowledge and professionalism are keys to a successful and great job experience.
Mark Robinette Photo

Mark Robinette – Roofing Project Manager

Mark Robinette is a Senior Roofing Specialist with JNT Developers. Mark is a HAAG Certified Residential Roof Inspector with more than 2 years of experience in the industry. He graduated from Oklahoma State University in December of 2013 with a degree in Business Management and was also part of the University's baseball team. Mark moved to DFW by way of Tulsa, Oklahoma after he graduated and started working with JNT Developers in 2015. Mark has gained thorough knowledge of insurance claim procedures, damage assessment, customer service & project management since joining the team.