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21 Point Commercial Roof Inspection!!


1. Gutters and collector heads
2. Scupper boxes
3. Roof drains
4. Pitch pans
5. Curbs and flashing
6. RTU curbs and service area
7. Crickets
8. Expansion joints
9. Seams of membranes
10. Low spots or ponding area
11. Condition of membrane
12. Roof obstructions such as tree branches or roof garbage
13. Coping metal
14. Base flashings
15. Pipe jacks
16. Grease vents
17. Pipe supports or pvc supports
18. Positive drainage
19. Sky lights and flashing kits
20. Thermal blistering to membrane
21. Aggregate tilt walls & tilt wall joints


JNT’s Roofing Specialist will come to your building and check all items above FOR FREE with no obligations. PLUS we supply photos and documentation detailing recommended roof repairs and scope of work.

Savings Value Between $595 to $2,500

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